Whitepaper for Erpo

Game Overview

Erpo is a play-to-earn 4X inspired virtual world in which players are able to claim, build and conquer each other’s land in a browser-based hexagonal game map.
Players will be able to earn $DIRT and resources by placing down drills on their land, with the earning rate correlated to the number of drills they have on lands they own. Players will then be able to use resources and $DIRT tokens to create or purchase land from other players or to build defences and towers in their existing land.
On the other hand, players will be able to attack and destroy other player’s land, stealing ownership of that player's grid space.
Players will be able to use resources and $DIRT tokens to:
  • Expand their land
  • Upgrade and defend their existing land
  • Attack and conquer other player's land

What do we offer?

  • Play-to-earn
  • Metaverse land ownership
  • Decentralised government/faction system
  • Player-decided ecosystem
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