Act 4 - Hope

Certain scientists lived on a continent that was laid to waste by earthquakes. They aspired to rise above the land, building a zeppelin that would propel them far beyond the grasp of the smothering smog. Onboard their zeppelin, they built a self-sustaining farm to ensure that they would not have to return to the polluted deltas for food.
Other scientists lived on a continent encircled by the ethereal ocean. That is until it was overrun by cyclones originating from the now tempestuous ocean. They constructed an ark capable of withstanding the turbulent winds of the cyclones and ventured into their very cores to seek refuge. As the cyclones dissipated, those aboard the ark sought out nearby islands to harvest resources from. However, these islands were not spared from the Calamity and would inevitably be engulfed by the raging tides. Hence, the denizens on board the ark were never truly afforded any rest as they were on a perpetual search for cyclones that could serve as temporary sanctuaries.
Another continent was submerged under molten lava and surrounded by stifling smoke in the wake of a catastrophic volcanic eruption. The scientists manufactured a vehicle that served a dual purpose as both a drill and a settlement in an attempt to survive beneath Erpo’s uninhabitable surface. The vehicle tunneled through Erpo’s crust, eventually arriving at its core, where it lay dormant until the volcanic eruptions on the surface had ceased.
Far off on the horizon, another continent was plagued by incessant sandstorms. Those on the surface choked on the air that was saturated with dust and sand particles. Hence, the scientists here decided to carve out the side of a mountain and embed a fortress within it. The inhabitants within this fortress underwent cryostasis to hibernate through the Calamity. After decades of living in these new structures, the inhabitants began to adopt distinctive cultures that revolved around their newfound lifestyles. The scientists had also attempted to contact survivors from the other continents, but this was in vain as the other survivors were either in hiding or had already departed from Erpo’s surface. Hence, the inhabitants within each structure believed that they were the only ones that had persisted through the Calamity.