Land can be placed on Grid spaces on the map owned by the player, placing down land allows players to build buildings on the land.
However, there is a maximum capacity of buildings that can exist on a single Hextile unless the player upgrades the tile with (Hextile * Level) + $DIRT
Hextiles will be burnt upon players placing them, and it will represent itself as the grid space instead.
Example of Land(forest icon) placed in a Grid Space

Land types

There will be 4 different types of land which can be obtainable by minting:
  • Prairie
  • Caldera
  • Mesa
  • Lagoon
Each category of land will yield unique resources which allow players to build certain buildings or upgrade their existing buildings and land.
In the exploration phase, Hextiles will reveal 1 hex around the Hextile. Special tiles will be revealed if a Hextile is placed next to it.