The 4 faction governors, during the exploration phase of the game, will be able to place down their faction buildings on areas within the map.

Faction Regions

Each region represents a faction DAO, the names of all the factions are:
  • F1
  • F2
  • F3
  • F4
Faction leaders will be able to choose the name of the faction
Example of 4 faction regions(bear, tree, military, axe) depicted by tile colour

Faction Tax

A percentage of all transactions, construction or actions done on faction land will be taxed and placed in the faction treasury.
Faction governors will then be able to use the treasury money to purchase faction bonuses for faction members within the faction region

Faction Building Auction

In our minting phase, we will be holding an auction for the 4 (faction tile & coordinates). The owners of the faction tiles will be the leader of the faction, consequently, the governor of the faction region as well.
The owner of the faction will also be able to choose the name of the faction
As our company operates as a DAO as well, the leaders of the factions will have voting power on our company’s future and decision making, alongside being a committee member in the ERPO DAO.