The main theme around this game will be land, city-building, exploration and conquest. Players will be able to use land they have bought to place into a grid space on the map, this allows them to build buildings on that Land.
The buildings they built on the Land will serve different purposes, allowing them to extract and fully utilize the value and resources on the Land. The starter building which most players will need to build is the Drill.


The drill allows the players to extract resources from the ground in the form of $DIRT tokens and rare materials. However, players will need to carry the dirt to a collector building before the drill is full else the drill will stop collecting dirt.
Collecting the dirt will require some effort and lots of manual attention, as such, players need to dedicate time, resources, or manpower to continually earn $DIRT tokens.


Be careful! As this is a game about conquest, players will be able to build structures which allows them to construct units to attack your land. Once all the buildings in your land is taken over by the units, you will lose that piece of land along with all the resources on it.

Land upgrading and expansion

Once players get dirt, they are able to either upgrade their land by either (building structures and buildings) or (leveling up their building by spending $DIRT to burn their land), or expand their land by using dirt to create more land and placing it down on an owned grid space.
Players will have to choose between:
  • Expansion
    I can expand my land but will I be able to defend myself against other players attacking my land?
  • Upgrading
    I can upgrade my land but do I have enough land to produce the dirt to upgrade my land?
  • Attacking
    I can destroy and steal resources from other players but how will I defend the rest of my land?